Youth Legacy Africa Poultry Farm project

We work with Youth Legacy Africa since mid-2016.

Youth Legacy Africa is a Ugandan project that supports social development within rural areas in Uganda. They encourage youths to develop basic essential life skills through urban arts, mainly hip-hop. It’s their aim to have youths learn the disciplines of these urban art forms, and for them to learn how to use these skills in daily routines like career guidance and personal expression to avoid a life on the streets. Hip-hop is the tool that Youth Legacy Africa uses to reach out and communicate effectively to these youths (breakdance, rap, beat-boxing etc.). Their work is already effective in places like local schools, community centres, prisons, and in rural communities, among others.

Youth Legacy Africa provides their services for free, and members are not paid for their work and effort. However, running a project requires a lot of organizational costs. Think about organizing community events on a structural base, transport costs for community outreaches, rent and electricity costs for training centres and so on… We decided to solve this issue, by helping Youth Legacy Africa to start an income-generating activity.

Youth Legacy Africa came up with the idea to start a chicken-project (layers) as an income generating activity. They own a small piece of land in Jinja, where the chicken project is located. This project creates jobs for Youth Legacy Africa members, and the profit will be invested in growing and sustaining the organization (more events, engaging more youth, creating more stability and more opportunities to grow).