We work with various local projects in Uganda with the aim to increase their impact towards community development. We support and empower Ugandan initiators, because we believe that they know best how to help their communities, and which approach is needed. Different approaches can be to stimulate education, improve the organisation’s procedures or to empower the skills and personalities of individuals. However, despite lots of hard work and dedication, initiators can face many struggles by a lack of forces, resources or knowledge to sustain their activities and to work efficiently. Light up Uganda helps initiators to indicate their main struggles, develop a plan and to provide resources to achieve their sustainable goals. Read more to find out how we do this!

Each local project requires another approach of help; we work with them until the point is reached where the project is self-sustainable, and where actual proof of improvement can be seen. Light up Uganda will monitor all projects structurally according to their needs, to prevent relapse. To give some examples, Light up Uganda can support the startup of income generating activities, advise on organizational procedures, support through donations other than financial, facilitate sponsorship, create and build a valuable (international) network, provide volunteers/interns, or support in any other way needed to sustain the projects’ activities. Visit our facebook or Instagram page to stay updated! If you wish to make a small contribution, please consider becoming a Teamer! Go to or click on ‘joing this group’ below, and support our work with only 1euro/month.