Finally we can let you all know that Light up Uganda is going to work with Streetlights Uganda! After visiting many projects in the last monts, we have decided to support this amazing Ugandan organization in their ‘Ntunga Project’, meaning ‘I’m Sewing’ in Luganda. Streetlights Uganda uses art to get children off the streets and to unveil unseen talents. The Ntunga Project was started to empower and reskill mothers in poverty striken areas with tailoring, fashion, and business-skills. This makes mothers able to run a small business which can provide funds for their families and so prevent their children from going on the streets. Besides teaching mothers how to use their skills as a tool to create financial stability, the project encourages the mother and child relationship, and inspires mothers to pass on their knowledge and skills to their children. Streetlights Uganda achieves this by providing courses with a duration of 3 months. Within this course women learn all the basics of sewing, fashion designing and business. After 3 months the women graduate, and they will be encouraged to pass on their skills to others. Women are selected to join the program by their motivation and home situation. The Ntunga project needs support in equipment, materials and manpower to sustain the program. The coming period we will work on a plan to provide most of these basic needs towards Streetlights Uganda. Please stay updated on our page www.facebook.com/lightupuganda !