Light up Uganda Tour – completed

In April 2015, Light up Uganda organized a Light up Uganda Tour. During this event, we gave out solar lights to 150 students and families. The main event happened in Kibuye Village (Kamuli district) where over 100 students and parents gathered from the Arise and Shine Uganda Primary School to receive a light. After that, we distributed a few lights in Kamuli, Buyende and Jinja (Walukuba) as well, to needy families who are related to ‘Arise and Shine’ its activities.

Solar lights are important for a few reasons. First of all safety. Many families in Uganda live in houses with grass-roofs. They use paraffin to make fire so they have light. Many accidents do happen using this, which is why solar power is a good solution to create safety. Also by abandoning paraffin lights, we contribute to a much healthier lifestyle. We gave the lights mainly to students, so that they can study at night in a safe environment.

This project is completed as a one-time event. Please check out our gallery below for a selection of the photos!