It’s all about Rainbows in 2019!

We’re going to kick off the new year with a great start! Primary school ‘the Rainbow’ from the Netherlands has chosen to raise money for Light up Uganda with all their students in 2019! We are really proud of this, because it means that we can support an extra project in the new year! We have chosen to work with People Concern Children’s Project (PCCP) and to support them financially in developing their new school campus in the village of Mpigi, Uganda.

PCCP was initiated in April 2006 with the purpose of giving disadvantaged children in Uganda basic education and skills development in the communities surrounding the project. Many of these children are unable to attend school for various reasons, including loss of parents, child neglect, and extreme poverty. The project began as a literacy centre with three volunteers teaching 26 children. By the end of the year 2006 the project had grew to include 100 children in need, and today they receive about 205 children.

PCCP empowers these children with literacy programs, music, dance and drama, skills in crafts, shoe making and sports, environmental conservation and building self esteem among them. PCCP takes the children through the values of humanity and the importance of great discipline in the shaping of the world, the children learn that it is their responsibility to make the world a better place for them to live and others.

Besides the school in Kampala, the project has been able to purchase land that is equivalent to 5 acres in Mpigi village, where they are currently building a bigger campus to support more children and to attain sustainability. The new campus will receive its first students in February 2019. Primary school ‘the Rainbow’ from The Netherlands will support in developing this campus with their fundraiser.

Stay updated to learn more about this project and about the progress of the fundraiser!