Light up Uganda is an NGO with Dutch roots, but active in Uganda. We believe in supporting and empowering local initiatives to achieve community development in Uganda.

Light up Uganda started as a project-idea in 2014, but grew to become a registered NGO in 2016. We, Robin Josso (24) and Pleunie van Uden (24), are the founders and executive directors of the organization. After spending some time in Uganda together and organizing a small project “The Light up Uganda Tour”, the idea to create an initiative that supports community growth got into our minds. We took our time to get to know and understand Uganda, and to get closely involved with the local communities through NGO’s and by building our personal network. However, starting up an initiative in Uganda with a “western” mind-set and background wasn’t easy. By trying to answer the question “what is community development, and what do people really need?”, we realized it wasn’t up to us to give an answer.

As we were building our network among locals, we realized that the majority was interested in our ideas. Not because they wanted to benefit, but because they were actively working in the same field, and collaborating would be a great way to achieve shared goals. And so there it was. Instead of starting our own initiative, we decided to focus on initiatives that already exist. After all, Ugandans themselves know best what’s needed within their own communities, and empowering their ideas can move mountains.

Today, we work on various projects, with different partners, but all for the same goal; stimulating and achieving goals for community development. Check out our projects section on this website to find out about our recent activities.